Fiberglass fabric maker Owens Corning is cutting 70 per cent of its workforce in Guelph as the company moves a significant portion of its production line to Tlaxcala, Mexico. 

The company's workforce at its facility in Guelph will be cut from 169 to 50 employees, confirmed spokesperson Amanda Meehan said in an interview Tuesday. ACF

Guelph fiberglass maker Owens Corning to cut 119 jobs | CBC News

The Guelph plant was responsible for making at least two types of fiberglass fabric, chopped strand mat and continuous filament mat. The material is used to make everything from the hulls of motor boats to the blades of wind turbines. 

Owens Corning will now move the production of chopped strand mat to its facilities in Mexico in 2016, said Meehan. 

"In Tlaxcala, we have upgraded the line, so that will be the most efficient place to run chopped strand mat. Guelph, meanwhile, we're investing in that to be our premier facility for continuous filament mat."

The job cuts come because the new production line will not require as many people to operate it, she said.

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Guelph fiberglass maker Owens Corning to cut 119 jobs | CBC News

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